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Wall Crack Repair

Foundation wall cracks come in many varieties, but all could be indicators of foundation problems. We've seen many types of foundation wall cracks:

  • Horizontal or vertical wall cracks
  • Stair-step or diagonal cracking
  • Bulging and buckling foundation walls
  • Walls pushing in at the bottom or top

Foundation wall cracks will vary in severity. Some are only a simple cosmetic issue and others indicate a major structural problem with your home. However, even serious foundation problems, when addressed early on, can be quickly and permanently fixed.

If you spot wall cracks in your foundation, it's best to call us right away so we can inspect your property and determine the cause.

Why Wall Crack Repair?

Foundation wall cracks have several different causes, and each has its own unique solution. Typically, we get requests for foundation walls repair because of three main reasons:

Curing concrete

As concrete cures, it is common for small cracks to appear in foundation walls. These cracks are very common, and they're not a sign of a major foundation problem. Shrinkage cracks tend to be very small "hairline" cracks that are usually 1/16" wide or less. They generally occur near the center of a span and maintain a consistent width for the length of the crack.

A word of warning: Be careful not to assume a crack in your foundation is merely a shrinkage crack! If you see cracks in your foundation walls, monitor them regularly. If the cracks widen enough that you can fit a dime in them, or one end of the crack grows wider than the other, you should call us right away.

Foundation settlement

When the soils underneath your foundation fail to support the weight of your home, the foundation will begin to settle unevenly, and cracks will appear. As vertical cracks form and the wall or corner of the house begins to rotate, you will typically see cracks that are wider at the top or bottom. Foundation cracks that are caused by settlement are very serious, and they will only get worse over time as the home continues to move. If you are concerned your foundation may be cracking due to settlement issues, it's best to address the problem as soon as possible.

Expansive soils

If clay soils surround your home, they can expand and contract significantly as they become wet. Wet clay soils can expand enough to put literally thousands of pounds of pressure on a foundation wall. This can force the walls inwards, sometimes causing them to buckle and crack. Look also for walls pushing in at the bottom or tilting in at the top. If left unrepaired, this kind of damage can worsen until the wall fails completely or is beyond repair. By addressing the problem of failing walls quickly, repairs can be completed in as little as a day.

Performing Wall Crack Repair

Whether the problem is expansive soils or unstable soils underneath your foundation, there are effective solutions that can permanently repair wall cracks in your foundation.

What if I see interior wall cracks?

Cracks on interior walls can also be a sign that repairs are needed because the foundation is settling.

Sagging Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces can sag when the support beams sink into the ground. They can also sink when mold and rot weaken floor joists and girders, or when too few crawl space support posts are in place to adequately support the structure bearing down from above them.

As crawl spaces sag, the floor above them will also sink. As the floor sinks, it can pull on the partition walls attached to it, leading to drywall cracks. We can repair sagging crawl spaces with effective support posts.

Heaving or Sinking Slab Floors

When the soils underneath slab floors settle or are washed away, the floor itself will begin to sag. Likewise, when the soils underneath a concrete floor expand, the slab will begin to lift upwards.

Either way, the movement of concrete floors can lead to cracks along drywall and the floor itself.

We can help you repair concrete floors that are sinking or heaving.

Wall Crack Repair in Florida

No matter what kinds of problems you're experiencing with your foundation and what type of wall cracks you see, our in-house team of foundation experts is here to help.

At LRE Foundation Repair, we repair foundations and perform wall crack repair throughout Florida every day. We'd like to offer you a free, no obligation foundation wall repair inspection to help you decide what repair solution is best for your home. Each free inspection comes with no obligation and includes an on-site inspection, a personal consultation, and a written estimate.

To schedule your free inspection, call 1-844-610-2840 or email us today! We serve Orlando, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Sarasota, Spring Hill, Hudson, New Port Richey, Daytona Beach, and many areas nearby.

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