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            Replace Vs. Repair Foundation

Replace Vs. Repair Foundation

Replace vs. repair foundation

Many homeowners feel if their foundation is cracked or damaged, the logical thing to do is a total foundation replacement. However, as with most home repairs, it's important to consider all of your options.

As Tampa area foundation replacement and repair contractors, we're here to help you find a solution for your problematic foundation that will get the most for your money and cause the least disruption.

Whether you choose to repair or replace your foundation, it's a project you only want to undergo one time. We will walk you through what we recommend when considering how to fix your foundation:

Find a foundation contractor you can trust

The most important thing to do when deciding whether to repair or replace a foundation is to find a contractor you trust who offers effective, permanent solutions.

At LRE Foundation Repair in Tampa, we'd like to be your foundation replacement and repair contractors. We can perform a comprehensive inspection of your foundation and provide a professional consultation. This comes with a written quote.

We offer permanent solutions, outstanding professionalism and thorough inspections and estimates. We're Florida's top foundation repair company.

As reliable Tampa area foundation contractors, we will do more than simply repair a damaged foundation. Our repair strategy will take problematic soils and site conditions into consideration so the original problems cannot recur.

We work with homeowners and commercial clients in Saint Petersburg, Tampa, Bradenton, Lakeland, Sarasota, Ocala, Kissimmee, Daytona Beach, Clearwater, Port Saint Lucie, Largo, Melbourne, Spring Hill, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, New Port Richey.

Call 1-844-610-2840 or email us to learn more today.

Identify what's causing the foundation problem

The foundation contractor you work with should identify what's causing your foundation problems.

Soil conditions

In a nutshell, most of the foundation settlement issues we see in Florida are caused by movement of the soil beneath it.

Soils can shrink, settle, and become unable to support a structure's weight. When clay-rich soils absorb moisture, their volume increases dramatically and this can put thousands of pounds of pressure onto the walls.

When the soils change, you can expect to see things like:

  • Drying & shrinking
  • Wetting & softening
  • Compacting & swelling
  • Bowing & buckling walls

A home that is experiencing foundation issues is not likely to get better on its own. As the constant cycle of wet and dry periods continues, your home is likely to experience damage on a continuing basis. The sooner the problem is addressed, the better.

When our team of Tampa area foundation replacement and repair contractors arrive, we will first look to remedy the root of the problem, most likely the soil. Following a thorough foundation inspection, we will explain why the damage occurred and how specialized materials and techniques can be used to make permanent repairs.

Understand foundation replacement

With total foundation replacement, heavy equipment is brought in to excavate the soil around your home and expose the foundation. This is a very intensive process.

Anything around the foundation, such as porches, steps, gardens, walkways, and foliage gets removed.

To do a foundation replacement, a house needs to be jacked up on temporary supports as the foundation walls and slab floor get removed.

After the new foundation gets built, the house is lowered back into place, the soil is replaced and the landscape details are restored as much as possible.

Foundation replacement comes with several downsides:

  • Disruptive
  • Time-consuming
  • Expensive (compared to foundation repair)

Not only is choosing a total foundation replacement extremely disruptive and expensive, it doesn't address the source of the problem: your foundation soils.

Since you've built a new foundation on the same troublesome soil, you can expect the same behavior from that soil - the kind that breaks foundations!

For these reasons, LRE typically guides all homeowners to consider foundation repair solutions, except in extreme conditions.

Discover foundation repair

While there are extreme cases where a foundation can't be fixed, we recommend repairing the foundation whenever possible.

Foundation repair is a great option for homeowners with both major and minor foundation issues.

It may feel like the only option for your failing foundation is total replacement, but we offer permanent, sturdy repair solutions that fix common foundation problems - at a fraction of the price.

Variety of solutions

One solution doesn't fix all when it comes to foundation problems. Our team will explain our recommendation and why. There are a variety of solutions that can be applied.

Buckling walls

If you have buckling foundation walls, for example, foundation wall anchors may be suggested as the solution. Wall anchors reach beyond foundation walls, using the soils outside of your foundation to anchor the walls and counteract inward pressure.

Foundation settlement

Foundation settlement issues are often solved with foundation piers. Push piers extend deep below your foundation, extending past poor supporting soils to bedrock or competent strata, to support your foundation and permanently stop settlement.

Decide the best route for fixing the foundation

Foundation problems can occur in houses of any age, size, and style.

Studies show that an alarming 15% of new homes constructed also experience structural problems.

These problems generally have two causes: poor construction quality and homes built on poorly compacted fill soils.

Fortunately, foundation repair solutions can be performed year-round, and many repairs just take a day to complete.

Our foundation products include a 25-year written warranty, as well as our own performance warranty. If you're ready to explore fixing your foundation, call us for an inspection.

Why hire a Supportworks contractor?

LRE Foundation Repair, is a proud and respected member of the Supportworks International Contractor Network.

Supportworks is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of foundation stabilization systems for new and existing residential, commercial, municipal and industrial structures.

Our employees are trained at the international headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. While the words integrity and quality are used by most companies these days, Supportworks is a special company where these virtues are reflected in daily decision making and operation.

These values are upheld by talented and dedicated staff, and by each of the nearly 100 independent dealers throughout North America.

Warrantied products for foundation repair

All of Supportworks' foundation repair products include a written manufacturer's warranty, backed by an additional performance warranty from LRE Foundation Repair When appropriate, each of our products is designed with galvanized steel for corrosion resistance and long-lasting strength.

A Florida-based foundation repair contractor! As your Florida-owned and operated Supportworks contractor, we have the tools, training, and professional foundation services you need to permanently solve your problem.

Our warrantied solutions can restore the value and structural stability of your home.

We offer free foundation repair inspection throughout our service area.

Each inspection includes an on-site inspection of your problem and professional answers to all your foundation questions

We proudly serve the Florida area, including Tampa, Orlando, Saint Petersburg, Bradenton, Lakeland, Sarasota, Ocala, Kissimmee, Daytona Beach, Clearwater, Port Saint Lucie, Largo, Melbourne, Spring Hill, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, New Port Richey, and many areas nearby.

To schedule your free foundation replacement or repair inspection, click or call the Tampa contractor service experts of LRE Foundation Repair today at 1-844-610-2840

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