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We would like to take this opportunity to thank LRE Foundation Repair for a job well done on our home in Newberry in regards to underpinning and grouting repairs. We were very hesitant to begin the repairs after the initial shock of learning we had two sinkhole anomalies on our property causing ground shifting and damages to our home. LRE calmed our fears and anxiety. From the initial visit, all the way to each crew, we can't tell you enough what a wonderful, professional, knowledgeable sinkhole repair business you LRE Foundation Repair is. The job went as planned and there were no surprises. The workers came together in a few vehicles as possible, professionally dressed, and conducted themselves in a very professional yet approachable manner. They bent over backwards to make sure no neighbors' property or the street was inaccessible to the neighbors as well. We did not sustain any damages to surrounding structures and you even were able to salvage as much landscaping as possible. All questions asked during the process were answered appropriately and in a timely fashion. The crews set up their equipment daily and took everything away at the end of each day. Their cleanliness is above reproach. The crews put 100% attention to the job at hand everyday they were here. It was unfortunate the crews had to endure 30 degrees or lower temperatures, on some days, but that didn't stop their forward progress. I had to make them stop and warm up a few times being the mother hen that I am. We were so satisfied with LRE Foundation Repair and do not want you to ever hesitate to offer or phone number to prospective clients so we can answer questions they may have from the homeowners' point of view. We will never hesitate to refer your company to anyone who may be having sinkhole problems and needing repair. One last note is your warranty on the underpinning. No other company on the market can compare to your warranty, longevity in the business, high standards, and being members of the Better Business Bureau as well as industry memberships. Again, we send our heartfelt thanks to you for a job well done.
Eugene a. of Newberry, FL
Monday, June 6th
My wife and I would like to express our appreciation for the work your company completed in the stabilization and restoration of our home in Dunnellon. To our delight, all your crews were very professional in the work they performed and in the manner of their conduct while stabilizing and restoring our home and property. From the beginning of the process to the end, all of your personnel performed their responsibilities and duties in a very admirable manner. I have never experienced such efficiency in my lifetime, as I did in observing all the various crews and support personnel doing their jobs. Everyone we had contact with in your company were always proficient and courteous. Mike Johnson, Project Supervisor and Chris Fesler, Project Coordinator were both knowledgeable and understood what needed to be done to complete the restoration of our home. All your employees (both office personnel & field supervisors) answered our phone calls promptly and were never lacking in coming up with solutions and in answering all our questions. Kudos to your company and to your employees for a job well done. Sincerely Yours, John & Jean A. P.S. We never fail to mention your company to others who are in the situation we were in (a sinkhole) and even to those who may be in need of any type of restoration.  
John &. of Dunnellon, FL
Monday, June 6th
Todd Nunn of Nunn Pressure Grouting recommended LRE Foundation Repair based on his observations of your sinkhole repair operation at a jobsite you both worked at. He said your crew was professional, your equipment state of the art, and your management of the jobsite to minimize problems was exceptional. I agree 100%. I'm also grateful to all your personnel for expediting the estimating, engineering, and permitting process. I want to commend your crew for their thoroughness, attention to detail, and resourcefulness in handling some unique challenges encountered on the premises. All your staff was very patient and answered questions with respect. Great job from start to finish!
Barbara G. of Maitland, FL
Monday, June 6th
I am writing this let you know about the performance of two members of LRE Foundation Repair -- Mike Johnson, as Crew Supervisor, and John Mitchell, who finished the sinkhole drilling yesterday at our property in Spring Hill. They started promptly each day and were meticulous about every detail of the job. Great care was taken to minimize any impact to the property. All work was neatly done in a very professional manner. After each task was completed clean up removed every sign of activity. I don't believe the area around the pool has ever been quite as clean, including large glass sliding doors.
Ruth S. of Spring Hill, FL
Monday, June 6th
I felt that I had to send you this to say THANK YOU!. This "Event" as I call it, has been haunting me for a year next week. I was an extremely unhappy homeowner when I was told that I had a sinkhole problem. My concern was the safety of my house, and driveway for my son, and all his friends playing around the house. When it came to picking a repair company I kept my eye open around Pristine Place, and I always said to myself, LRE seems to be soooooo clean and neat! Then my neighbor across the street had your men at her house in the summer, and they were so super nice and polite. So, upon signing the contract with LRE, I begged to have the "Boss Man" and his crew. They made this terrible experience in my life, a good one, and I felt totally safe with them working around my house. Boss Man seemed to be very experienced in what he was doing, and his crew just fell right into the routine every day. They all deserve a nice comment from you because they are AWESOME!
Carol S. of Spring Hill, FL
Monday, June 6th
I had a crew out to the house today to address some settlement of my pool deck. The entire crew was exceedingly polite, kept me informed of their progress, and cleaned up their mess before leaving. Everyone was professional, and after having some idiotic roofers at my house last week, your crew's professionalism was very, very appreciated. Thanks for a good job.
Todd S. of Spring Hill, FL
Monday, June 6th
In this ever changing world we live in, I have observed that customer service is not a high priority as it once was. It gives me great pleasure to write this letter to you about one of your employees, Jimmy Myers. My first encounter with Jimmy was taking pictures of my property and explaining the procedure of the sinkhole repair. He was very thorough in his explanation of the job and possible damages that may occur in the course of that job. He was extremely polite, very knowledgeable and I found him to be a very personable young man. Throughout the eight day job, I spoke with Jimmy at least three times. He made sure the job was being conducted properly and to see if I had any complaints, which I did not. On one of those occasions the ring around my pool ladder was broken and replaced immediately. He came to the property after the grouting job had been complete, took pictures and checked for damages. In checking my sprinkler system, he noticed that some of the heads needed adjusting, which he did and took the time to clean and uncover the grown-over grass on the "donuts" around the sprinkler heads. He mentioned that he would have the crew pressure wash the driveway due to tire marks. Just when I thought this young man had already gone above and beyond, four days had passed, he returned to my property with a pressure washer. He explained that all crews were busy and he did not want me to think that he had forgotten about the driveway. I cannot say enough great things about Jimmy. You are very fortunate to have this young man working for your company. I found him to be a refreshing change from most of the encounters I have had with his generation, especially in the business world. He is truly an asset.
Dana R. of Spring Hill, FL
Monday, June 6th
I'd like to thank you for all of the assistance your company has given us. John and Jimmy are great representatives of your company. We have chosen your company to repair our sinkhole personally because you are local, have many years of experience, you train and educate your employees to respect their work, and be a team player. I was so impressed with everyone and the way we were handled in this difficult time. No one wants to hear their property has been affected by the dreaded sinkhole diagnosis, but when it happened, your company was quick to respond, comforting and educational when we needed it the most. In looking to hire a company, my husband and I chose you because of the high standards you set and the moral, ethical and compasionate feeling we received from a company who has made it a career to be treat people and their employees like family. I appreciated the extra time your "work family" took from Gary as my first contact, to Jimmy and John who came the very next day ready to answer the tough questions we had.
Teresa R. of Spring Hill, FL
Monday, June 6th
Everything was cleaned up perfectly. Michael did a superb job of explaining everything, even posting me on his progress every step of the way. The entire crew was very professional and I couldn't be more satisfied. Everyone in the company has been a pleasure to work with.
Mary M. of Winter Haven, FL
Thursday, May 18th
This is just a short note to let your company know that LRE Foundation Repair is the best sinkhole repair company in the business. Your employees were the best group I've dealt with in a long time. They were polite and friendly. They cleaned up every day they were here. Many of my neighbors were very surprised by how clean the yard looked everyday the crews left. Your office staff was very courteous and helpful. I would recommend LRE Foundation Repair to anyone that has a sinkhole or foundation repair issue.
Renee L. of New Port Richey, FL
Monday, June 6th
LRE has an exceptional working 'crew'. They are very professional in their work and have an outstanding regard for the home they are working on. They make a homeowner's thoughts of a sinkhole not a significant worry. Thank you LRE for 'being there.
Gloria D. of New Port Richey, FL
Monday, June 6th
Not knowing what to expect I was blown away by all of your staff, from the Salesman, to the Project Coordinator, to the Foreman, & Team LRE All handled our home ground stabilization project with the utmost professionalism and care. I chose LRE because of not only the references but because I was provided with a lot of information that proved helpful during this endeavor.
Katy M. of Plant City, FL
Monday, June 6th
What a great company LRE was to work with. When we first noticed issues around the house last year, we had called LRE for a free consultation. Your project representative, Rob Probus, came out and confirmed what we had been thinking, which was that we had symptoms of sinkhole activity. He was very professional, but gave us confidence that any confirmed sinkhole activity could be repaired by LRE When it was time to pick the company to carry out the sinkhole repair on our home, LRE's name came in from the insurance company. Another LRE project representative, David Morrill, was the next to visit us. He sat down and went over everything and explained the whole process and was able to answer any question we had. After getting several bids, LRE was our choice. Dave came out again to sign the contract and made sure no questions were left unanswered. The crews that came out first and did the drilling set the standard pretty high (Sorry, guys - I don't have all of your names). They were very friendly and explained what they were doing. I was very impressed at how much time they spent keeping the work area clean. They made sure the area around the house looked good every night before they left. I had seen other companies repair sinkholes, but LRE was impressive (just as Dave said they would be). The next crew that did the concrete pumping was just as impressive (Mike S., Dave S., Tony F., Eddie F. and Tom). The attention to detail that everyone has is awesome. Both crews were courteous and very pleasant to work with. Several of my neighbors asked when I was going to have the sinkhole repair completed, because all they saw were the pipes and there was no mess at night. When I said that the crews just cleaned up that well, they couldn't believe it. Mike and his crew must have apologized two dozen times when the cable line got cut - it was in the back of the house and not anywhere near where the flags were marked, so it wasn't even their fault. But they still went out of their way to make sure the cable line was fixed. Again, everything was kept clean. When the work was completed, the whole place was cleaned and I could barely see the real amount of work that had just occurred around the house. Being a firefighter, I was home a lot of the days both crews were here and they were great to work with. I watched what they were doing and asked questions. They always took the time to say hello and talk with me. Even the neighbors said the guys were very nice and talked to them. I have spoken with [LRE vice president] Rachel Vitale several times about the billing process, and she is very knowledgeable. She was able to get me in touch with someone at the mortgage company (I kept getting voicemails, and people that didn't know what a sinkhole was, let alone anything regarding the paperwork). Having a sinkhole is a very intimidating thing, but everyone at LRE Foundation Repair was great to work with. I have no doubt that we picked the very best.
Charles S. of Plant City, FL
Monday, June 6th
LRE Foundation Repair is a team of dedicated, polite, hard working individuals. Your team should be proud of that. The sinkhole quite frankly put a damper on our lives. This was during a time of cold weather, neighbors who disowned us for having the sinkhole, the frustration of losing our water supply by well via stirred up or drained, depression over the idea of our home being torn up and sleepless nights of wondering what was happening. Your foundation repair experts were so kind and warm to our family. We felt safe and grateful to have such fine men working in and around our home in order to help us during the crisis. We are very grateful to your sinkhole repair company.
Kayc P. of Seffner, FL
Monday, June 6th
Dear Raymond & Susan, It has been over one year since our friend suggested we contact LRE Foundation Repair concerning sinkhole damage at our property in Palm Harbor. With repairs now behind us, I wanted to take a moment to thank your company and a few of its team members in particular for a great repair experience. After battling our insurance company for close to 3 years, and then doing some due diligence on the services offered by LRE, we had the good fortune of first meeting Derek Penkava, who spent a considerable amount of time walking the property and explaining the entire grouting process to my wife and I, so we had a solid understanding of what we would be facing over the next several months. It was right about this time in 2014, that we met your drilling crew. Friendly, courteous, professional, hard-working, and funny are just a few of the words that describe the crew that Eddie lead throughout the weeks and months that followed. Eddie was a great leader, and made sure they remained on schedule, kept the property neat and was always available to answer any questions we had. I work out of the house, so we had our daily conversations and he kept me abreast of every aspect of the repairs. I must say I know more about the grouting process than I ever thought I would, and I have Eddie to thank. I don't know how many Eddie's you are fortunate enough to have, but he was great. Next came your Construction Services Estimator, Greg Crossley. Knowing I was in the insurance claims business made the process go smoothly, with few issues over scope and price. He understood our ultimate goal, including some personal upgrades outside the insurance money, and worked with us to get this accomplished. He made numerous visits to our home, and we reached what I considered to be a very fair estimate, that incorporated the entire project we were about to undertake, and then, he regularly followed up, showing true concern for the overall job. He met with numerous contractors here at the house to make sure everyone involved understood the scope of the job. If there was a problem, he was first to step up and get it resolved. Not many estimators would ever stay engaged through the job like Greg did. And we don't think this job would have ever been completed without the work of Manuel Quizhpe, your Project Supervisor. Manuel was always here at all hours of the day and night to accommodate our schedule, taking personal responsibility to stay after the various sub-contractors who LRE uses in this area. When an issue surfaced with the tile demo crew, or the painters, Manuel tackled the issues head-on and got it resolved to our satisfaction. The trustworthiness that developed between Manuel and us, is something that unfortunately isn't seen very often these days. We had no hesitation about leaving the house unlocked so he and the contractors had free access to complete their work. While we are glad the job is now complete, we will miss Manuel's charming and charismatic personality. We consider him a true friend, and hope to run into him now and again in the future. Another crew we want to make certain to recognize is Ivan and Willban, who did a spectacular job with our driveway, sidewalk and pool pavers. This is back breaking work, and it was scorching hot the weeks they were at our home. Many neighbors have said the driveway and front walks look like a showcase home. They have asked who did they work, and I am quick to tell them, LRE I would anticipate requests for additional estimates coming your way in the future. We couldn't be happier with the way this turned out. We're actually having a neighborhood get-together this coming weekend to show off all the work. And last but not least was Accent Carpet & Tile. Rob Wilson was great to work with, and his installers Chris and Antonio did the nicest tile work we have ever seen. My wife came up with an idea, and Chris worked with her on the design and layout of the floors. This was a large tile job that included a kitchen, family room, two hallways, a laundry room, three bathrooms and a master shower that Chris completely designed himself. Chris is a true artisan and Antonio is learning the trade from a master. Your photographer was even very impressed with his work. In closing, the LRE Foundation Repair' experience was worth the wait. We have a house that is now on a solid foundation and is structurally safe. The cosmetic repairs have given the property a fresh look and the neighbors have repeatedly told us how good everything looks. If your company ever needs a reference in the Palm Harbor area, by all means we are available.
Randy &. of Palm Harbor, FL
Monday, June 6th
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