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Commercial Concrete Leveling & Lifting in Greater Tampa, FL

Fix sinking airport runways, warehouse floors, sidewalks & more

Sinking outdoor concrete is common in Florida. It is from shifting or a weak soil base or erosion. But there is no reason to worry — sinking concrete may be a noticeable problem, but LRE Foundation Repair offers a quick, effective, and durable solution with Supportworks' PolyLevel® polymer injection system!

PolyLevel® is a proven solution to stabilize sinking, uneven concrete slabs, including sidewalks, driveways, roadways, and warehouse floors. It has multiple formulas to adapt to large and small commercial, industrial, or municipal projects. Plus, you can count on the PolyLevel System to work under the most extreme conditions. The system uses a two-part urethane polymer that expands into high-density foam to fill voids, lift and stabilize concrete, and solve a wide range of geotechnical and structural applications. 

LRE Foundation Repair is your professional PolyLevel contractor in Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and nearby, specializing in concrete leveling and repair. Call us at 1-844-610-2840 or click below to request a consultation to discuss the scope of your project.

See for yourself why PolyLevel® is a smart alternative concrete repair solution.

Which floor would you prefer to walk on?

Sinking concrete can turn warehouse floors, airport runways, sidewalks, and driveways into unattractive safety hazards.


Why fix sinking, uneven concrete?

It may seem odd that such a sturdy surface, like a concrete slab, can sink. But it is frequent with most buildings and commercial properties and can create unsightly and dangerous situations. It can also be a real problem if you are concerned about the liability of visitors tripping on your property, preparing your property for sale, or want to make a positive impression on visitors, customers, and employees.

PolyLevel® works for a wide range of applications:

  • Repairing industrial building and warehouse floors
  • Leveling uneven sidewalks and driveways
  • Leveling uneven roads and bridge approaches
  • Airport runway and railroad repairs
  • Void filling and erosion control
  • Pre-construction soil stabilization

Why does concrete sink?

The soil underneath the concrete slab is the main reason that concrete sinks. The soils support the concrete, so if they are not fully intact, they may shift and no longer support the heavy weight of the slab above. Soils expand and contract as they get wet and dry out, which creates voids underneath the concrete and causes slabs to settle further into the ground.

  • Soil expansion: When it rains, the water pours into the ground and saturates the soil, causing it to increase in size. As it expands, the soil will become displaced and move from its original position, making it less supportive of the concrete above.
  • Soil contraction: Soil contracts during dry weather conditions. As they dry up, they shrink in size, creating voids in the ground and becoming less supportive of the concrete above.

Don't let sinking concrete make a mess out of your commercial, industrial, or municipal property. Call LRE Foundation Repair to get an effective, long-lasting solution from our Tampa concrete leveling and lifting experts.

Telltale signs of sunken concrete

Trip hazards are around frequently used concrete surfaces in and outside of the property. These surfaces usually include multiple concrete slabs, creating a trip hazard whenever one slab sinks below the other, including warehouse floors, roads, sidewalks, and stairs. That's why property owners should periodically monitor these areas for any signs of concrete settlement.

  • Sinking concrete steps or sidewalks
  • Cracked, bumpy, and uneven driveways, warehouse floors, or roadways
  • Cracking and sinking sections of slabs
  • Washout of soils under concrete slabs
  • Repeated cracking of concrete slabs

If you notice these signs of concrete sinking, it could be a quick and easy fix to prevent further settling. If the problem gets ignored, the concrete could worsen over time, creating a bigger problem for you to fix.

Signs of Sinking, Cracked Concrete & Damaged Concrete

When roadways and slabs have bumpy, uneven surfaces or other signs of damage, it's always better to repair them at the first sign of damage rather than wait for issues to worsen.

Advantages of PolyLevel® for commercial use

PolyLevel is a state-of-the-art alternative to mudjacking, re-leveling grout, or concrete replacement. The polyurethane foam system offers numerous features and benefits:

  • Lightweight - Our polyurethane foam weighs approximately 4-6 pounds per cubic foot when installed, in comparison to traditional mortar-based material which weighs 120 pounds per cubic foot.
  • High capacity - Lifting action is a result of the expansion of the polymer, allowing for lifting of a much higher load than traditional mudjacking, which relies on hydraulic pressure being contained under a slab.
  • Accurate lift - The calculated reaction time of the expanding polyurethane foam allows for targeted, precise lifting of the slab.
  • Waterproof - Polyurethane formula is fully waterproof, so it won't wash out, won't be impacted by freeze/thaw cycles and can be used to under-seal slabs and stop a variety of infrastructure leaks.
  • Non-invasive - PolyLevel equipment can be used in extremely limited access areas and won't disturb lawn or landscape. Quick cure time - Within just 15 minutes after injection, the concrete slab is ready for heavy loading; compared to conventional mudjacking which takes several days to cure.
  • Environmentally-friendly - With PolyLevel there's no need to demolish the concrete and transport the waste to a landfill.

PolyLevel® is a fast & efficient method to raise sinking concrete. This simple foam injection can stabilize concrete slabs for years to come!

Avoid trip hazards with PolyLevel® from LRE Foundation Repair

If you have trip hazards around your property, including sinking warehouse floors, bumpy roadways, uneven railroads, or cracked airport runways, consider a free PolyLevel® commercial concrete repair evaluation and estimate from LRE Foundation Repair. We've helped Florida residents since 1989 in Sarasota, Spring Hill, Hudson, New Port Richey, Daytona Beach, and the surrounding areas. Get started by scheduling yours today!

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