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Repair Your Sinking Floors

Do you have sinking floors in your home? Aside from the annoyance of uneven floors, this could be a sign of a much larger issue. Whether you have a crawl space or not, any home can experience sinking floors at some point in time.

Depending on the severity of the sinking floors, it may be difficult for some homeowners to identify the problem before it becomes even worse. If you think you notice even subtle signs of your interior floors starting to sink, it's best to call in an expert right away to inspect.

Our team at LRE Foundation Repair is happy to provide a free inspection for sinking floors to help you fix and restore your home.

What Causes Sinking Floors?

Sinking floors are more than just a problem with your floor. The reason for your interior floors to sink is caused by a much larger problem with the structural stability with your home. Floors will most likely not sink on their own and will only experience this problem from a much stronger force that causes them to sink.

Foundation Settlement

Foundation settlement is one of the main culprits for sinking floors inside your home. As your home's foundation settles, it puts an immense amount of pressure on the structure of your home. The pressure can cause your floors to sink into the ground as your foundation settles.

Foundation settlement is caused by shifting soils in the ground. Changing weather conditions can cause the soils to shift and result in soil displacement.

When it rains, the ground becomes saturated with water and saturates the soils. The soil saturation causes them to expand and move from their original position.

Dry weather conditions cause the soils to contract and creates voids in the soil. The constant expansion and contraction causes the soils to lose their support and causes your foundation to settle into the ground.

As your foundation moves downward into the ground, the floors inside your home can lose their support and start to sink.

Sagging Floor Joists

If you have a crawl space, the floor joists in your crawl space have a big impact on the structural stability of your floors. The floor joists in your crawl space can start to sag, resulting in sinking floors inside your home.

What causes floor joists to sag? Crawl spaces are damp places in nature, which makes them prone to moisture issues. As the moisture builds up in your crawl space, it can create a very humid environment and cause your wooden floor joists to become weak.

Your weakened floor joists can then start to sag because they can no longer support the weight of your floors about them. As a result, you will notice uneven or sagging floors inside your home.

Solutions for Sinking Floors

Depending on whether your floors are sinking from foundation problems or floor joist problems, LRE Foundation Repair offers different repair solutions to lift your sinking floors back into place and restore your home's value.

Foundation Repair

If you have sinking floors as a result of a foundation issue, there are a few different foundation repair options to fix your foundation and lift your sinking floors.

  • Foundation Push Piers: Straight steel piers that attach to your foundation and extend into the ground into supporting soils.
  • Foundation Helical Piers: Straight steel piers that include helical blades and screw deep into the soil.
  • Slab Pier Systems: Straight steel piers that extend from stable soils deep below the structure to support brackets underneath the slab.

Floor Joist Repair

Sinking floors caused by weak floor joists can be lifted back into place by installing crawl space structural support jacks.

  • SmartJacks: The SmartJack® system is an adjustable steel post that is installed in your crawl space and lifts your sinking floors back into place for permanent stability.

Sinking Floor Repair from LRE Foundation Repair

Rely on LRE Foundation Repair to repair your sinking floors and lift them back into place. Since 1989, we've proudly helped Florida residents fix their structural problems and restore their home's value.

Contact us today for your free inspection for sinking floor repair!

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