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Is Your Concrete Pool Deck Ready for Summer?

Cracked Concrete Pool Deck.

Florida’s summer season is right around the corner, meaning residents of Tampa, Orlando, and Miami are gearing up to spend quality time on their pool decks with friends and family. With all the fun and relaxation ahead, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is the safety and appearance of their pool deck’s concrete. 

To alleviate any concerns, it's important to take notice and be on the lookout for any potential issues in your concrete pool deck that could lead to injuries and spoil the fun. Upon discovering these flaws, implementing a few effective repair solutions can ensure your pool deck is in great condition for you and your guests' enjoyment.

Additionally, incorporating protective and preventive maintenance measures can keep your concrete pool deck in good shape all year round.

Let’s dive into some common issues that may arise in your concrete pool deck over time and explore the effective solutions that are available.

Restoring Your Concrete Pool Deck in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami: Repairing Damage and Enhancing Appeal

When examining the condition of your concrete pool deck, be on the lookout for a couple of major issues: the overall level of the surface and the presence of any cracks. These two issues often go hand-in-hand, and typically signify an issue with the underlying soil beneath the pool deck.

The soil beneath pool decks, like other structures, often settles or erodes over time due to poor compaction or from rainwater washing it away. As a result, this may lead to the concrete slabs of your pool deck sinking and shifting, resulting in cracks and trip hazards. 

In addition to cracks appearing unsightly, your guests may not appreciate tripping over uneven slabs and ruining all the fun. 

Pool Deck Concrete Repair Solutions for Tampa, Orlando, and Miami

Fortunately, cracks and unlevel slabs can often be fully repaired, and protected against further settlement damage in the future.

Solutions such as PolyLevel can lift and level sunken sections of a pool deck, while NexusPro can seal the cracks to prevent rainwater from getting under the slabs and washing away more soil.


Concrete Pool Deck Before & After


A proactive approach to safeguarding your pool deck’s concrete is to consider sealing the surface to protect against staining, surface cracking, and harmful UV rays. SealantPro, an industry-leading solution developed by Supportworks and trusted by LRE Foundation Repair, can be easily applied to a pool deck’s surface and last a lifetime.

In addition to sealing the surface to protect against flaking, chipping, and staining, the DecoShield solution can enhance your pool deck's appearance by adding a translucent tint from a selected assortment of colors, significantly boosting your pool deck’s curb appeal and leaving your friends impressed!


DecoShield Color Selection.

Pool Deck Drainage Solutions for Tampa, Orlando, Miami

A flooding pool deck is no fun for anyone. Not only does nobody want to stand in stagnant pools of water, but it can also wreak havoc on your concrete pool deck and even your home’s foundation. 

Many pool decks in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami have channel drains installed within the surface of the concrete, but most are not very effective at draining water adequately. 

Oftentimes, standard channel drains made from cheaper materials like plastic can become heavily damaged when the concrete shifts due to the movement of the soil underneath.

If your pool deck regularly floods and lacks an effective drainage system, consider installing a more robust channel drain constructed from galvanized steel within the concrete. These wider channel drains can collect more water and are less prone to the damage typical of the thinner, plastic ones found in most pool decks. 

Paired with a comprehensive exterior drainage system such as a French drain along the perimeter of your home, your pool deck can be spared the trouble of constant flooding from Florida’s heavy rainstorms. 


Channel Drain Before and After.

Professional Pool Deck Repair and Drainage Services for Tampa, Orlando, and Miami

Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix up your concrete pool deck and have it ready for the summer events ahead with your friends and family in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami. Whether it's repairing, protecting, or enhancing the concrete surface, or effectively removing flooding rainwater, taking action now to safeguard the integrity of your pool deck is a decision you won’t regret.

Having professionals with a long history of pool deck repair and drainage services do the work for you can ensure it is done correctly and with long-lasting results. LRE Foundation Repair has led the way in concrete, foundation, and drainage repair in Florida since 1989, and is ready to assist in your concrete pool deck needs. Schedule a free inspection today to learn more about what solutions can be made available for you.

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