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Drain Services to Keep Your Home Water-Free

Having water pool up in your yard when it rains not only makes your lawn unusable, it could potentially cause major damage to your home. If this is happening to you and you want to take steps to protect your home from flood damage, it may be time for a visit from your local Tampa drainage contractor at LRE Foundation Repair.

Low elevation, abundant foliage, and poor drainage can lead to basement and crawl space water damage, and these issues are unfortunately all too common for Tampa area homes. Your home needs drains and gutters installed and repaired properly in order to prevent flooding and moisture issues. Our Tampa drainage contractors have seen it all when it comes to flooding and water damage risks, so we know how best to address each issue. LRE’s experience lets us offer installation and repair on a variety of effective drainage systems like downspouts, French drains, and percolation trenches that can be custom designed to solve your water problems.

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How To Fix Drainage Issues


We start by finding out exactly what kind of a water issue your home has. An LRE Foundation Repair representative will visit your home for an inspection, keeping a close eye for all drainage issues, including some of the most common ones like:

  • Bad grading: A yard with poor grading allows water to enter the foundation of your home or pool into puddles because the slope is incorrect. A yard slope should protect the foundation and eliminate water stagnation by having the grade angled away from your home.
  • Abundant plants:The roots systems of plants increase the density of soil and force water to drain towards them to be used slowly over time. This makes it harder for water to be absorbed by the soil, which in turn means that having a large amount of plants and foliage in your yard can lead to water damage and flooding in your basement, crawl space, and foundation.
  • Ineffective gutter systems:Gutters are necessary for gathering water from storms and relocating it away from the vulnerable foundation. Gutters and downspouts that don’t reach far enough away from the home, or deposit the water in bad areas, can sometimes be worse than no drainage system at all. This is because it can overload the ground in one area and allow water to seep into the foundation.

Free yard drainage system inspections

Contact LRE Foundation Repair and we’ll come to your home in the Tampa area for a free, no-obligation yard inspection and consultation. Our contractor will talk to you about the best drainage options to stop water from saturating your house and yard.


LRE Foundation Repair has the expertise to help protect your home from water and eliminate your drainage issues. Take a look at some of the systems our Tampa gutter installation experts can design for your home:

Exterior Drainage in Tampa, FL

French Drain

A French drain is an underground pipe with many holes in it that is made to spread water safely throughout your yard. A variety of water issues are solved by the French drain’s unique design. LRE has designed an effective replacement to the normal stone-and-pipe drain with our EZ-Flow French drain system. The EZ-Flow French drain costs less, is easier to install, and protects your yard much better than a stone-and-pipe drain will. Our system makes perimeter drains, retaining wall drains, and landscape drains easy to install and effective at their job.

Learn more about French drains from LRE Foundation Repair

Gutter Downspout Extension in Tampa, FL

Downspout Drainage

Installing a gutter and downspout system will divert water from your roof and drain it away from the foundation, preventing serious water damage to your home. LRE has recessed, above-ground, and underground downspout extensions available that can prevent water from draining around your foundation. These include our RainChute, RainChute EZ, and LawnSpace Outlet lines.

Learn more about downspout drainage.

Exterior Basement Drainage System in Tampa, FL

Trench Drain/Channel Drain

If you need to prevent water from getting into your home through a door or stairwell, then a trench or channel drain is the right solution. These types of drains are designed to keep your home dry by collecting water bound for your basement or garage and diverting it to your sump pump, or other perimeter drainage system.

Despite the similarity in name, trench drains and French drains solve very different water issues for your home. Our clients ask us all the time what makes the two types of drains different and why might both be needed. French drains are designed to remove water that saturates your lawn and has sunken below the surface, while a trench or channel drain diverts water as it pools up on the surface.

Learn more about the trench drain system.

Exterior Basement Drainage System in Tampa, FL

Percolation Trench

One of LRE’s most effective ways to deal with overflowing water from rainstorms that can cause flooding or soil erosion near driveways and sidewalks is with a percolation trench. Gravel and stone are loaded into a shallow trench that helps divert water away from your foundation in a similar way to a French drain.

Learn more about percolation trenches.

Exterior Basement Drainage System in Tampa, FL

Catch Basin

Catch basins are used to protect your home and increase yard drainage near standing bodies of water. A grate is installed at the top of the catch basin which collects water and the debris and sediment it carries and drains it into a drainage system installed below the surface.

Learn more about a catch basin.

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