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Push Pier Underpinning For Settlement, Foundation Leveling, Sinking Foundation Repair
Sinkhole Repair
NeveRust™ Concrete Stem Wall Repair System
Kelly Drilling
PowerBrace Bowed Wall Repair
CarbonArmor Fiber Wall Repair
Slab Pier Repair
Tilting Chimney Repair
EZ Post Deck Repair
Commercial Foundation Repair
Pre-Construction Piers
Shotcrete Wall Restoration
Concrete Repair Services & Products
PolyLevel Concrete Lifting & Leveling
Interior Slab Leveling
Pool Deck Repair
Sidewalk Repair
Driveway Repair & Leveling
DecoShield® Tinted Concrete Sealer
Drainage Services & Products
EZ-Flow French Drain System
Gutter & Downspout Extensions
Trench Drains
Catch Basins
Percolation Trench
Crawl Space Repair Services & Products
SmartJack® Crawl Space Support
Crawl Space Structural Repair
LumberKote™ Crawl Space Framing & Subfloor Sealer
Crawl Space Drainage Systems
Crawl Space Drainage Matting
Crawl Space Sump Pumps
Turtl™ Crawl Space Entry System
EverLast™ Access Well
Crawl Space Vent Covers
Before and After Pictures from Naples
Closing Stairstep Cracks in Naples, FL

Closing Stairstep Cracks in Naples, FL

Before After
Closing Stairstep Cracks in Naples, FL Closing Stairstep Cracks in Naples, FL

SealantPro(TM) on Parking Garage in Naples, FL

SealantPro(TM) on Parking Garage in Naples, FL

Before After
SealantPro(TM) on Parking Garage in Naples, FL SealantPro(TM) on Parking Garage in Naples, FL

NexusPro Driveway Repair in Naples, FL

NexusPro Driveway Repair in Naples, FL

Before After
NexusPro Driveway Repair in Naples, FL NexusPro Driveway Repair in Naples, FL

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LRE Ranks #7 for Supportworks Concrete Products
LRE ranked #7 in the Concrete Products category out of over 160 dealers in the Supportworks network in 2023.... [Read more]
LRE Ranks #7 for Supportworks Foundation Products
LRE ranked #7 in the Foundation Products category out of over 160 dealers in the Supportworks network in 2023.... [Read more]
LRE Ranks #6 for Supportworks Piers
LRE ranked #6 in the Piers category out of over 160 dealers in the Supportworks network in 2023.... [Read more]
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LRE Foundation Repair is your skilled Naples crawl space encapsulation and foundation repair company. Schedule a FREE estimate!

I was very impressed with the 3 man crew that did the work. They were professional, courteous and informative....
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Thank you Joe, Brad, Justin and LRE Staff!
Testimonial by Robert M. from Naples, FL

Reliable foundation repairs, yard drainage solutions & more in Naples

Are you looking for an experienced Naples, Florida contractor for foundation crack repair, yard drainage management, crawl space moisture control, concrete repair, concrete slab leveling, or other home repair services? Serving the area since 1989, LRE Foundation Repair has been the trusted name for residential and commercial foundation repairs, structural repairs, and much more. Our proven solutions, skilled team, and exclusive materials will ensure a safe and long-lasting repair you can count on!

Why choose LRE Foundation Repair:

  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Trusted foundation repair company with award-winning service
  • Industry-leading, written, transferrable warranties
  • Proven track record since 1989

We can provide lasting solutions to your home or commercial building's issues with our trusted service, expertise, dedication, strong safety guidelines, operating efficiency, and teamwork. Schedule a free estimate on any of our services to learn more. We proudly offer foundation repair, yard drainage, crawl space repair, concrete repair, and commercial services in Naples and surrounding areas.

Permanent commercial & home foundation repairs in Naples

A small foundation crack or slightly bowing walls may not seem urgent, but the experts at LRE Foundation Repair know that even the most minor foundation problems can significantly impact your property. Prolonged foundation damage can weaken the entire structure, create unsafe living conditions, lower the resale value, or make a property impossible to sell. But there is no reason to worry. We can permanently stabilize your home and restore value with foundation crack repairs, house jacks, push piers, and more!

Contact us today if you've noticed sticking windows and doors, a leaning chimney, interior wall cracks, sinking floors, or other signs of foundation damage. We are your trusted foundation repair company providing permanent solutions to all problems.

Our commercial & house foundation repair services:

  • Foundation piers
  • Crawl space support jacks
  • Compaction grouting
  • Foundation settlement repair
  • House foundation repairs
  • Concrete stem wall repair
  • Commercial foundation services
  • Concrete foundation repair
  • Retaining wall repair
  • Chemical grouting
  • And more!

As your trusted foundation repair company, we offer reliable services throughout Naples. This includes foundation piers, foundation crack repairs, home foundation repairs, commercial services, and more. Schedule a free foundation inspection and foundation repair service estimate to learn more!

Trusted concrete leveling & concrete repair company

Does your home or commercial building have a sinking, cracked pool deck, driveway, steps, or other slabs? Not only do damaged concrete slabs create an eyesore that lowers your property value, but they can also turn into dangerous tripping hazards. Other contractors offer outdated, invasive, and faulty slab restoration methods. But as your trusted concrete repair and concrete leveling company, LRE Foundation Repair offers concrete lifting, concrete crack repair, and concrete sealing solutions for sinking, damaged slabs that are fast-acting, highly resistant, long-lasting, and mess-free!

Whether you need concrete slab lifting, cracked concrete driveway repairs, interior concrete leveling, or commercial concrete crack repairs, we offer these solutions. 

Our concrete repair & concrete leveling services:

  • Concrete leveling
  • Concrete crack repairs
  • Concrete driveway repair
  • Interior slab leveling
  • Concrete slab repair
  • Concrete sealing
  • Concrete grinding
  • DecoShield® tinted concrete sealer

Ready to fix sinking, cracked concrete with the experts at LRE Foundation Repair? Our state-of-the-art concrete repair and concrete leveling equipment, patented technology, and the decades of experience our team brings to each project mean that you'll love the look of your slabs! Schedule your free concrete inspection and service estimate to learn more! We offer concrete crack repairs, concrete lifting and leveling, and concrete sealing services throughout Naples, FL, and nearby.

Naples's wet crawl space repair encapsulation experts

Did you know crawl space problems, like sagging support posts, pooling water, and falling insulation, are not just issues for the below-grade space? In fact, a nasty crawl space can cause issues throughout the home, including structural damage, unhealthy indoor air, lowered energy efficiency, sagging floors, and smelly odors. But there is no reason to worry – as your trusted crawl space repair company, LRE Foundation Repair provides patented, proven solutions for wet crawl space repairs, crawl space encapsulation, and crawl space waterproofing. 

Our wet crawl space repair services start with a moisture-proof vapor barrier system that provides durable protection from outside elements and water intrusion. Our crawl space repair encapsulation system also includes a high-performance, compact dehumidifier to regulate humidity and prevent condensation, mold, and wood rot. This system also features crawl space jacks, which provide permanent and adjustable support for failing floor joists.

Services from your trusted wet crawl space repair company:

  • Wet crawl space repair
  • Crawl space support jacks
  • Crawl space drainage systems and matting
  • Crawl space vapor barrier
  • Crawl space vent covers
  • LumberKote™ framing & subfloor sealer
  • SmartJack® crawl space stabilizer
  • Crawl space waterproofing
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Wood replacement & repair
  • The Turtl™ crawl space entry system
  • EverLast™ access well

Schedule a free wet crawl space repair encapsulation estimate to learn more. We proudly offer crawl space repair services throughout Naples, FL and nearby areas.

Reliable Yard Drainage Management Company in Naples

Have you noticed large amounts of water in any of these places: crawl spaces, basement, or your home’s foundation? LRE Foundation Repair provides knowledge and solutions for any home needing an improved yard drainage system. Exterior drainage systems divert water that would typically pool around the house. Products like French drains, downspout extensions, and percolation trenches can fix that issue and prevent costly water damage.

Our yard drainage solutions:

  • French Drains
  • Downspout Extensions
  • Percolation Trenches
  • Trench Drain/Channel Drains
  • Catch Basins

Schedule a no-obligation consultation and free inspection today! We offer estimates on our exterior drainage systems in Naples, FL and nearby.

Proudly serving Naples since 1989!

Hiring a contractor can be a daunting experience. Not only do you want permanent solutions for your home improvement needs, but you also need to trust the team coming into your property. That's where LRE Foundation Repair comes in. We have been providing reliable sinkhole repairs, pre-construction soil stabilization, underpinning, and ground modification services in Florida areas since 1989. Since our opening, we have grown from a three-person crew to over 130 associates, making us the largest sinkhole repair company in the state. And our forward-thinking ideas, exclusive line of products, and proven service have made us the number one choice for our clients over and over again.

Contact LRE Foundation Repair today to get long-lasting solutions for foundation crack repair, concrete slab lifting, cracked concrete driveway repair, wet crawl space repair encapsulation, drainage issues, and more. We offer free service estimates in Naples and nearby!

Job Stories From Naples, FL
Cracked Foundation Stabilized in Naples, FL

Timothy and Gail W. encountered a worrying issue with their home when they noticed large cracks in the stucco and around the windows, indicating potential detachment from the walls. Concerned about protecting their forever home, they reached out to LRE Foundation Repair for help. Once our Design Specialist visited the home, the diagnosis was clear: shifting soils and erosion had led to significant settlement. To address the issue at its root, we recommended Helical Piers, known for their effectiveness in foundation stabilization. These galvanized steel piers act like giant screws, stabilizing loose soils and providing support to the foundation to prevent further damage. Installed with precision by our dedicated production team, the process was executed seamlessly, causing minimal inconvenience to the homeowners. As the work concluded, Timothy and Gail felt a sense of relief, knowing their home was now stabilized for years to come, alleviating any future worries.

Cracked Foundation Stabilized in Naples, FL - Photo 1
Commercial Condominium Parking Garage Stabilized in Naples, FL

Recently, LRE Foundation Repair tackled a challenging job in Naples, Florida, where a local condominium association was dealing with a settling parking garage. Large cracks and sloping floors were causing trip hazards, and the property managers wanted to ensure the safety and usability of the structure. Our Customer Care Team swiftly scheduled an inspection. Our Design Specialist identified erosion and shifting soils as the culprits behind the settlement. We recommended a combination of PolyLevel and NexusPro to address the issue. PolyLevel, an innovative foam injection, would lift and stabilize the concrete slab without the mess of traditional methods. NexusPro, a durable sealant, would fill joints and cracks to protect against the elements. Our production team carefully drilled holes in the slab and injected PolyLevel, methodically raising the concrete back to level. After the PolyLevel application, the holes were filled and smoothed over. Next, NexusPro was applied to all cracks, ensuring long-term durability. By the end of the project, the condominium's parking garage was fully revived—safer, sturdier, and ready to serve its community for years to come.

Commercial Condominium Parking Garage Stabilized in Naples, FL - Photo 1
House Leveled and Stabilized in Naples, FL

Recently, a Naples, Florida homeowner contacted LRE Foundation Repair about their settling house due to a plumbing mishap. The homeowner had noticed unusual cracks and uneven floors, indicating a problem beneath the surface. Our Customer Care team quickly scheduled an inspection. Upon arrival, our Design Specialist identified the issue: settlement caused by eroded soils from the plumbing leak. We recommended the Helical Pier System to stabilize and lift the foundation. Our experienced installers drove galvanized steel piers deep into stable soil, creating a solid foundation that restored the home's original position. Once the Helical Piers were in place, the house was level and stable, providing the homeowner with much-needed peace of mind.

House Leveled and Stabilized in Naples, FL - Photo 1
Pool Crack Repaired in Naples, FL

Barry M. was faced with a concerning crack in his pool deck and was worried it may affect the integrity of his pool. He decided to call us at LRE Foundation Repair for an assessment and solution. After completing the inspection, our team discovered loose and sandy soils had caused massive movement to this pool deck and got to work designing the perfect fix.


We decided to use a combination of products, including PolyLevel and NexusPro. PolyLevel, a cutting-edge repair technology that is durable and long-lasting, consists of a polymer injection system that has the ability to lift and stabilize concrete surfaces. First, we injected the expanding polymer-like material beneath the pool deck's surface to fill all voids and compact the loose soils. This not only effectively repaired the issues under the deck but also lifted the deck back to its original state, closing the large surface crack. Next, the crack was smoothed out and filled with NexusPro, a silicone-based concrete sealer that comes in a variety of colors to match the deck. This sealer not only creates a flawless look but is also flexible and permanent, offering protection from future damage by exposure to the elements. With the crack repaired and the pool's structural stability secured, the homeowner could once again enjoy their aquatic retreat with confidence and peace of mind.

Pool Crack Repaired in Naples, FL - Photo 1
SmartJack Support System Installed in Naples, FL

Maria P. and her husband started experiencing sagging floors that bowed when they walked on them. This was a growing concern for both homeowners and they called LRE Foundation Repair to assess the situation. LRE had to create an access point to inspect the crawlspace area under the home and was able to determine that crumbling concrete pillars and rotted wood joists were causing the support of the floors to give way. LRE knew that installing its SmartJack support system would be the perfect solution for this compromised foundation. 


The SmartJack is made of a heavy-duty, galvanized steel post that is installed in the crawlspace and adjusted to the desired height needed to lift the newly-installed wood joists back into place. These SmartJacks were installed at various locations under the home and once complete, the entire system was able to lift the sagging floors back level. One of the many benefits to SmartJacks is that the galvanized steel material resists corrosion over time. In addition, the adjustability of these posts make them a custom fit for any project. These Naples, Florida homeowners were overjoyed when their foundation was permanently stabilized and the underlying structural damage was fixed. 


SmartJack Support System Installed in Naples, FL - Photo 1
Work Requests From Naples, FL
Project Location: Naples, FL
Project Location: Naples, FL
Project Location: Naples, FL
I just finished a new construction home and the crawl space smells dank. I want to find a solution for my buyer. The dehumidifier and fan sound interesting to me.
Project Location: Naples, FL
Project Location: Naples, FL
Project Location: Naples, FL
Vertical Cracks in Walls of Poured Concrete home.
Project Location: Naples, FL
I have a small gap in my foundation in the back area of my pool that needs to be filled in order to support my pavers in the same area. The pavers are stable at this time but need the fill in for prevention purposes.
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