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The Difference Between PolyLevel® and Mudjacking

When it comes to concrete leveling, there are a few different options to choose from. While both PolyLevel® and mudjacking both work to level concrete, we primarily use PolyLevel® because it has more benefits than mudjacking.

If you notice any uneven concrete around your home and aren't sure if PolyLevel® or mudjacking would be the best option, our representatives at LRE Foundation Repair can provide a free inspection and walk you through your options.

Why Does Concrete Sink?

Before we review the differences between the two, it's important to know what causes concrete to sink in the first place.
The main culprit for sinking concrete is the soil underneath the concrete slabs. Changing weather conditions can cause the soils to either expand or contract, which causes them to become displaced.

During heavy rains, the soils can become saturated with water and expand much bigger than their original size. During dry weather conditions, the soils can contract and create voids. This constant expansion and contraction cause the soils to move from their original position and continually create voids in the soil.

Once the voids are created, the soil can no longer support the weight of the concrete slab above it and cause it to sink. Sunken concrete most commonly occurs on your sidewalks, driveway, or patio. Where ever your sunken concrete slab may be, LRE Ground Services, Inc. can help lift the slab back into place for a smooth, even surface.


Symptoms of Sunken Concrete

Sunken concrete appears just as it sounds, it's when a concrete slab has sunk into the ground. The sunken area can create a dangerous tripping hazard as the slabs are uneven.

Sometimes sunken concrete can be confused with other concrete damage, so it's important to notice the difference.

If you notice any large cracks or pitting and flaking in your concrete slabs, this may require a different form of repair and may not be fixed by PolyLevel® or mudjacking.

What is PolyLevel®?

PolyLevel® is an extremely effective method for leveling sunken concrete. It is a polyurethane foam that is injected into the ground where the concrete has sunk. Once it is injected into the ground, the foam expands, fills any voids in the underlying soil, and lifts the concrete back into place.

It then cures and hardens to provide permanent support for your concrete and leaves you with a safe, even surface.

What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is a more traditional process for lifting concrete. It is a process where slurry from natural materials is injected into the ground to lift the sunken concrete back into place.

Mudjacking is also referred to as pressure grouting or slab jacking and can be used to raise sunken sidewalks, driveways, or patios.

Pros and Cons of PolyLevel® and Mudjacking

Both PolyLevel® and Mudjacking come with their own pros and cons. Depending on your situation and your budget, one option may be better than the other for you.

Despite the pros and cons of each service, LRE Foundation Repair stands by PolyLevel® and offers it to our customers for its effectiveness.

PolyLevel® Pros

  • Non-invasive procedure with minimal disturbance
  • Long-lasting results
  • Completely waterproof material
  • Easily fills voids in the soil
  • Lifts quickly once foam is injected

PolyLevel® Cons

  • Tends to be more costly than mudjacking
  • The amount of lift cannot be guaranteed

Mudjacking Pros

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Traditional and proven method for concrete leveling
  • Environmentally-friendly

Mudjacking Cons

  • The slurry is rough material and doesn't always fill all voids
  • May have to be repeated every few years
  • Not waterproof
  • Slurry is heavy material that can cause further settlement

Concrete Leveling from LRE Foundation Repair

Since 1989, we have served residents through Florida with quality products and services. If you notice any sunken concrete around your home, rely on LRE Foundation Repair for concrete leveling. An LRE Foundation Repair representative can come to your home to evaluate your situation and provide you with a free inspection.

Contact us today for your free inspection on concrete leveling!

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